Wilkes is more than just your courses.

当你 join our campus, you’ll be surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about learning, trying new things and making a real impact. 他们迫不及待地想要 开始和你一起工作.

At Wilkes, mentorship is more than just helping out faculty members or racking up hours of experience outside the classroom. Even the word mentoring might feel formal 和威胁. But it’s just about making real, genuine connections that can help you find your path, discover your passions or even land a job after graduation. Our supportive community of Colonels – at the student, faculty and staff level – are all here to help you along your journey.

Whether you’re collaborating with peers on a community service project or working with faculty on exciting new research, you’ll have plenty of chances to get to know us – and yourself in the process.



Experience our culture of mentorship firsthand with a on-campus visit that's personalized just for you and your family.


Wait - why do I need a mentor?

College is the best time to get a mentor. In fact, research shows that college graduates who had a mentor while they were students are more engaged in their professional work 一旦他们离开校园. They also felt more confident and better prepared after graduation².

Not to mention, having a mentor while you’re in college can help with all sorts of 情况下,如:

  • 建立关系网
  • Figuring out what to study
  • Learning industry ins and outs
  • Connecting and making friends
  • Getting involved on campus and in the community

Mentors don’t have to fall into a specific category, either. 大多数学生有更多 than one and they all come from different backgrounds. Professors, other students, academic advisors, club leaders, staff members, coaches and alumni all represent the incredible connections you can make at Wilkes. Don’t worry about seeking out a mentor – know that it’ll happen naturally here.

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We'll give you the chance to do great work.

Want to do something amazing that also looks great on your resume? 澳门赌场在线娱乐,你 将. Our expert faculty and supportive staff are heavily involved in research and service projects across a variety of fields.

Whatever you’re passionate about, we can match you to the right project. 我们的骄傲 ourselves on supporting all of our students with plenty of opportunities to get hands-on experience in the things they love. These are just a few examples.


Isaias's hands-on experience started as a member of Dr. Linda 古铁雷斯's lab team.

From his first fall semester, he learned lab procedures, cared for more than 100 mice, took tissue samples and analyzed data. “I have been growing so much. 我得到了太多 experience from her,” he says of his work with Dr. 古铁雷斯.



Drew has experienced unwavering support from staff and faculty, including mentors whose insights go beyond scheduling classes, including Dr. Mischelle安东尼.

“I try to let the student talk more than I do,” Anthony says. “德鲁让我认识了她 struggles and triumphs because we’ve established that relationship.” 



Dillon has been honored with a leadership award by G.I. 工作 magazine, which recognizes student veterans based on a variety of criteria including mentoring other students and student veterans.

受潮湿腐烂. Lt. Col. Mark Kaster, veterans’ counselor, takes pride in a Wilkes student earning 这个奖项. "I appreciate his support of veterans on campus and in the community. 这是 一个承诺.”


campus clubs and organizations to join


Wilkes alumni worldwide to connect with


student e-Mentors to meet and learn from


指导 and support from your fellow classmates starts early at Wilkes. 当你 come to campus for orientation, you’ll meet our e-Mentors – a dedicated team of student volunteers 将 help you get used to college life and all throughout your first semester. Meet with your e-Mentor one-on-one or in small groups. They’re here to help you at 一路走来的每一步.

嘿! My name is Andrea, I'm a senior Biology major from Panama pursuing medical 学校. I hope to meet all of you and help with any campus or college life-related topics!


Hi! I'm Matt, a senior Business Management major from Berwick, PA.  我喜欢帮忙 new students grow and succeed in both the academic and social aspects of their time 澳门赌场在线娱乐这里.


大家好,我叫凯莉! I live in the small town of Athens, PA which is farm country.  I love getting to share my love for Wilkes with other people! 如果你在校园里见到我 please do not hesitate to say hi!


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